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Awakening in the Northwest Territories

Henry, Alastair


Awakening in the Northwest Territories is an inspirational, and absorbing account of one Boomer’s transformative life journey over a sixty-year period. Follow Alastair’s story from his strict Catholic upbringing in England to Canada by himself at the age of 19 in search of love and adventure, where he quickly acquires a family, and over the next twenty years, climbs the corporate ladder and builds up a flourishing business, all of which subsequently go sour. He takes early retirement and goes to live in the country in an idyllic retreat, but after a year, he feels unfulfilled and senses that there is more to life than just being “comfortable.” Making a conscious decision to live the examined life, he chooses to go in a new direction by living with a small band of First Nations people in a remote fly-in community in the Northwest Territories. Cultural differences and a challenging environment ignite fresh perspectives, inspire a new way of life, and fuel his soul-searching.

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