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Once A Queen

Porter, M J


The final book in The King's Mother trilogy - the story of Lady Elfrida, England's first queen.

Lady Elfrida is restored to the royal court, and to her son and his ever-growing family. Tasked with raising her grandchildren, Lady Elfrida understands the honour her son has endowed her with, even while it forces her to stay distant from the day to day running of the court.

Æthelred, free of all meddling influences from his youth, takes steps to undo his childish mistakes, but despite the success of the peace accord with King Olaf of Norway, England is still a too tempting target for Raiders keen to make their fortune, and Æthelred, even now, is not the warrior king his father was.

As the years' pass, Lady Elfrida appreciates that her power and influence has grown, not diminished, as she holds the key to the future in the shape of her grandsons and granddaughters. But she must face one more trial to ensure the future of England. And this one might just be impossible to surmount for Engl

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