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The Boy from the Snow

Johnson, Maria


Dark Ages England, 590AD. A Celtic warrior fights for his home. Can he tell friend from foe after his whole world changes?
Civil war brews within the northwest kingdom of Rheged, between the lakeland castle town of Gaeson and the mountain stronghold of Klumeck.
Meet Daniel, a soldier serving the king of Gaeson and the spirited and wise Princess Evelyn. Yet the mystery behind his earliest memories of being lost in the snow demands to be solved.
Then Daniel races to find the answers when secrets are uncovered, challenging everything he knows. Can he still fight, even if the lines of combat might change? As Daniel tries to choose between love, loyalty and what is right, the even greater threat of the Bernician Angles rises.
Fans of Dark Ages and medieval historical fiction are bound to enjoy this epic Celtic tale of adventure with romance. A gripping plot and relatable characters, with clean but realistic and exciting battle scenes.
Can Daniel convince Rheged to stand united? Otherwise, it may not stand at all…

What people are saying about The Boy from the Snow
‘Excellent writing, attention to detail creating memorable scenes and characters, you will be transported to 6th century Britain.’
‘The Boy from the Snow is a lovely blend of action, drama and romance and is a story that should appeal to a wide range of readers.’
‘If you’re a fan of historical fiction and/or tales of war and love, pour yourself a mug of mead and consider checking out Maria Johnson’s The Boy from the Snow. It just might warm your heart.’

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