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The Boy with Four Names

Rubenstein, Doris


Between 1933 and the end of World War II, over 3,000 Jews from countries all across Europe fled what was an almost certain death there to find freedom and safety in a small country in South America. Most of them had never heard of it before there was nowhere else to run: Ecuador. Some left for the U.S. or Israel after five or ten years. Others decided to make it their permanent home. Today, there are less than 1,000 Jews still living in Ecuador. Why did they decide to stay? Each family’s story is different. Every single person has their own, unique memories of their early days in Ecuador. The Boy with Four Names is the story of one family, and one boy who ended up with four names. You will enjoy this book whether you’re thirteen or sixty-three!
Reviews - "My copy is on Kindle and I read it in one sitting. What a great idea of the grandkids! My 11=year=old grandson is a voracious reader. It will make a lovely holiday gift." - Hannalore B.

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