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The Buffalo Soldier

Bauer, Rob


Most of us are familiar with the heartbreak suffered by the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears. A similar event occurred in Montana in 1896 due to the Cree Deportation Act. The Buffalo Soldier is the novel of this tragedy.
Clarence Duval becomes the guardian of Mary Healy, a young Irish-Chippewa girl, after the death of her parents. He wants to help Mary get from Montana to St. Louis to reunite with her family. Then disaster strikes and they become separated. In a case of mistaken identity Clarence is forced to join the Buffalo Soldiers, an African-American cavalry unit. Hopeless and alone, Mary takes shelter with the Cree people of Montana.
Sadly, the US government has just approved the Cree Deportation Act to round up the Cree and force march them to Canada. The Buffalo Soldiers, including Clarence, must carry out the deportation.
Clarence must find a way to escape the Buffalo Soldiers yet still save Mary from deportation and being separated from her family forever. Don’t miss the story of a hidden American tragedy the world was supposed to forget.

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