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The Eccentric's Tale

Brannan, Julia


Harriet Ashleigh, much-loved eldest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Darlington knows exactly what she wants from life. Just one simple thing; the freedom to be herself.
But for a young woman living in the seventeenth century, freedom is not such an easy thing to achieve. When her family’s future wealth and happiness are threatened she wrestles with the realisation that duty will have to be put before her precious dreams.
She finds herself forced to make a decision which leads to consequences she could never have imagined, even in her worst nightmares.
Now she has to fight the whole of society, not just for happiness but for her very survival, and must take up arms in her own eccentric way, with startling results.
The Eccentric’s Tale is an intriguing look at the remarkable private life and emotions of a truly unique woman.

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