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The Great Centurion: Punic Wars 2

Maximus, Angelus


The struggle for power in the Mediterranean continues as the Second Punic War carries on!

Victor heads back home after a bittersweet battle against the great Carthaginian general, Hamilcar. He now finds himself as one of Rome’s top generals in the bloody Second Punic War . The island of Sicilia (Sicily) has shifted towards Carthaginian control and Rome is in danger of losing the important strategic island.

While trying to liberate Sicily, Victor will have to deal with many naval battles against not only the Carthaginians but also the Greeks and the Iberians. In addition to the buildings he has access to, Victor will have new building options. As he conquers more of Carthage and Hispania, new resources are up for grab. He will also be able to research new technologies that will improve his army, defense, and navy. He'll need every advantage he can get against the Carthaginians, who are hungry for Roman blood and land.

Continue the adventure as Victor Maximus licks his wounds. This is a LitRPG set in the real world. Unlike last time, even one lost battle can tip the scales in the Second Punic Wars. The book is set in real life and the consequences, including the pain, are all too real!
Warning: This book contains a high amount of sexual references that might be inappropriate for younger audiences.

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