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The Great Centurion: Punic Wars 3

Maximus, Angelus


A new war approaches. The time has come to protect the seas and expand to the northern borders of Rome! The Second Punic War continues!

After a major victory on the island of Sicilia, Victor’s confidence soars along with his fortunes. He has the respect of Emperor Tiberius and the senate as he has his sights set on the lands of the Gauls. Victor will lead Rome into uncharted lands filled with untapped riches. Glory awaits and Victor is ready to level up further as the LitRPG adventure continues.

Along the way, he must upgrade his navy, towers, walls, and research new technologies, all the while staying in the gods’ favor. Keeping his ladies happy remains a top priority. One of them proves to be a formidable fighter.

In the north, barbarians await. They’re an enemy perhaps more dangerous than even the Carthaginians.
Whispers of a new foe come from abroad as Hannibal Barca prepares to make his mark on history. His forces gather beyond the Alps, emboldened to attack Rome head-on. Without support, Victor’s army must defend this assault on the empire. But will he be able to defeat Hamilcar’s son and gain victory in the Second Punic War?

This is a Real LitRPG, so everything including the pain is real.
Warning: For readers 18+ due to sexual references and violence.

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