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The Importance of Pawns

Morgan, Keira


A gripping story of intrigue in 16th C. France

Although life at court looks easy, Queen Claude knows better. Danger lurks beneath the glitter for sisters Claude and young Renée, heiresses to the rich duchy of Brittany.. Their mother, Queen Anne, lies dying. King Louis, their father, has little time to live.

Countess Louise d’Angoulême, guardian to the girls, is mother to the next king. For years she has envied the dying queen. She plots to marry wealthy Claude to her son. Her unexpected guardianship presents a golden opportunity, but only if she can remove Baronne Michelle, their protectress.

As political tensions rise, the futures of Princess Renée and Baronne Michelle hang in the balance, threatened by Countess Louise’s plots. Will timid Claude untangle the treacherous plots Countess Louise is weaving? Dare she confront her dangerous mother-in-law to save her sister and claim her rightful place as queen of France? Based on historical events and characters, The Importance of Pawns will rivet you until the last page.

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