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The Legacy

Mitchell, Cecly Ann


For almost four decades, Rhys Le Noireau has been a man out of place, trying to fit pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of his life, together.

When his mother, Astral, is hospitalized in a coma, Rhys, a single, successful architect, is tasked with cleaning out her home and setting her affairs in order.

With his estranged twin sister, Renee, breathing fire down his neck, Rhys turns to Annalise Roach, Astral’s loyal Girl Friday, to guide him through the maze that is his mother’s life.

The items they find hidden within the pages of Astral’s most treasured possession - an ancient family Bible - open the portal to a life lived in another place and time.

A place that fits into his soul and forces Rhys to do the unthinkable.
Abandon everything and return to that place, Scotland Bay.

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