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The Order of the White Boar Set

Marchant, Alex


How well do you know the story of the real King Richard III? Perhaps not as well as Matthew Wansford...Two bestselling books in one – 'The Order of the White Boar' and 'The King’s Man'Twelve-year-old Matthew Wansford has always longed to be a knight. His chance comes in the golden summer of 1482 at Middleham Castle, home of his new master, Richard, Duke of Gloucester – valiant warrior, loving father, loyal brother to King Edward IV.With new-found friends Alys, Roger and Edward, the Duke’s only son, he forges a secret knightly fellowship, the Order of the White Boar. They swear an oath of lifelong loyalty – to each other and to their good lord, Duke Richard.But these are not times to play at war. Soon Matt and his friends will be plunged into the deadly games of the Wars of the Roses. Will their loyalty be tested as the storm looms on the horizon?For readers of all ages from 10 to adult, books 1 and 2 of the ‘Order of the White Boar’ sequence together for the first time, chronicling the crucial years in the life of King Richard III, through the Year of the Three Kings – and beyond …Coming soon, in 2021, 'King in Waiting', the third book in the 'Order of the White Boar' sequencePraise for 'The Order of the White Boar' and 'The King's Man'‘A wonderful work of historical fiction . . . altogether a very enjoyable book for both children and adults.’ Isabel Green, 'Ricardian Bulletin' of the Richard III Society‘This engaging and exciting story has the power to captivate readers of any age . . . extremely well researched and a pleasure to read.’ Wendy Johnson, member of the Looking for Richard Project‘A really gripping historical novel . . . well written, vivid and absorbing.’ E. Flanagan, author of 'Eden Summer'‘Exciting and appealing, accurate and well-researched . . . I can honestly see this becoming a classic.’ Joanne R. Larner, author of 'Richard Liveth Yet'‘A book full of action, heart, fire and hope. A cracking read, and I highly recommend it.’ Narrelle M. Harris, author of 'Kitty & Cadaver'‘Finally! A book that has been written for a younger audience, which brings to life, through the eyes of a young boy, the just and fair leader that Richard III truly was.’ Richard III’s Loyal SupportersFind Matt and Alex on Facebook at Alex Marchant Author, on Twitter @AlexMarchant84 and @whiteboarorder, and on WordPress @AlexMarchantBlog.

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