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The Queen's Dog

Holmes, N.L.


A eunuch slave in love with his mistress must live with the knowledge of where his own weakness has taken him. Or can he redeem himself from a lifetime of cowardice?

"A beautifully crafted historical novel from an author with a genuine flair for originality and the kind of narrative storytelling style that is inherently absorbing and captures the reader's complete attention from first page to last, 'The Queen's Dog' by N. L. Holmes (the third volume in the author's simply outstanding Empire at Twilight series) is especially and unreservedly recommended." --Midwest Book Reviews
"A towering masterwork of historical fiction... While no novel is flawless, this one comes close. It offers deeply developed characters, a meticulously researched and vividly described setting, a complex plot, and relentless pacing that keeps readers turning pages. Simply put, this is a supremely gratifying reading experience."--Blue Ink Starred Review

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