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Thunder on the Moor

Matthews, Andrea


Maggie Armstrong grew up with tales of blood feuds and border raids, but she never imagined her father was actually one of the infamous border reivers who filled his stories. Not until he whisks her back four-hundred and fifty years to his Scottish home, that is. Though enchanted at first, reality soon sets in when her uncle announces his intention to see her betrothed to Ian Rutherford, the son of a neighboring laird. Her twentieth century sensibilities are outraged, but refusal to agree could ignite a blood feud. Maggie's worlds are colliding. Betrayal, treachery, and a tragic murder have her questioning whether she wants to remain or try to make her way back to her own time. To make matters worse, tensions escalate when she stumbles across handsome Englishman Will Foster. But could he be the hero she's always dreamed of, or will his need for revenge against Ian Rutherford shatter more than her heart?


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