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Token of Betrayal

Lee, C.V.


In 1461, the French capture Mont Orgueil on the Isle of Jersey. To protect the family legacy for his son, Sir Philippe de Carteret see no choice but to pledge his loyalty, hoping the new overlords will prove benevolent until King Edward IV can turn his attention to ousting them.

When a pirate lands at St. Ouen's Bay, claiming the true Lord of the Isles, the Earl of Warwick, has sent him to stir up rebellion, de Carteret is suspicious. Other lords rally to the cause, only to arrested and tried for conspiracy.

As the citizens of Jersey despair under the growing burden of oppression, de Carteret must risk everything to free his beloved homeland.

Based on real people and event, Token of Betrayal is a sweeping tale of loyalty, revenge, a father's love and the difference on man can make to alter the course of history.

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