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Unconventional Daughters

Bishop, Bruce


What could possibly go wrong in 1922 when a young lady marries her stepfather, even if her own mother agrees with the unorthodox union?
This situation is one of many dilemmas facing the women of a family separated by the Atlantic Ocean and a world of secrets and deception. Can Eva Carroll, a young feminist and budding journalist, have a happy marriage to this man while placating the conventions of the day?
The Great War is over. Everyone is optimistic. Eva is the daughter of one of three sisters who have already been leading unconventional lives. Although born in Boston, she now lives with her mother, Elisabet, stepfather, and Swedish grandparents in the small Canadian coastal town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.
Somewhat naive, Eva falls in love with her stepfather, Seamus, only nine years her senior. Elisabet surprisingly condones the relationship. But she imposes a condition — her daughter and her second husband must marry after she divorces him.
Eva’s two aunts living in Sweden decide to return to Canada to rejoin their sister. One aunt, obsessed with social status, has bought her title of ‘countess’, while the other has a quiet loving relationship with her female housemate. When the siblings get together, their family background in Sweden is laid bare as they learn the truth about their parents and a brother they had never known.
As Eva finds herself caught in the midst of rivalries among the three sisters, and a growing mental health issue concerning one of them, her marriage and familial relationships are threatened. Now her future faces unexpected personal turmoil. Her life has definitely changed during the Roaring ‘20s and into the Great Depression.

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