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Wanders Far - An Unlikely Hero's Journey

Fitz-Gerald, David


His heart calls out for adventure. Strange visions haunt his path. Will his hunger to see the unknown cost him his life?

The Mohawk River, 1125 AD. Wanders Far can’t contain his yearning for new sights. Consumed with the desire to roam since he was a small boy, the unusual child longs to become a fleet-footed messenger for his people. But even though he tries to ignore his odd ability to join with the essence of animals and read his brothers’ thoughts, the watching spirits won’t leave him in peace.

Guided on his quest for understanding by a wise Sachem mentor, Wanders Far is heartbroken when the enigmatic seer counsels him to turn aside from his wild ways. And the constant temptation to abandon his duty and follow his passions continues to clash with his tribe’s need for protection from the growing evil he senses.

Will the allure of uncharted lands distract the reluctant mystic from his true destiny?

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