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M. L. Marty: Author

There’s a monster at the end of every book, the blank page. Well, I decided I wasn’t alright with that monster and set to defeating it. After escaping into the world that J.R.R.Tolkien, C.S.Lewis, J.K.Rowling, Lemony Snicket, and Agatha Christie made, I ended up making one of my own. Thank you to all of those authors for inspiring me to create my own story. 

My books were born of a desire to escape grief  and a feeling of helplessness, powerlessness in my own life. I used writing them as a way to push pause and come back when I wasn't so overwhelmed  Therefore, these books are dedicated to everyone who has ever felt alone, unheard, or trapped in their own mistakes and regrets. 

Don’t ever give up hope and don’t ever let the pain dull your shine or entice you to stop loving, especially yourself.

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Real love never dies, and it’s worth killing for.
Sebastian Lewis is a man caught between two affections: Calla, the woman he has loved since childhood, and Victor, the powerful but jealous man he promised as an adult to spend his life with.
When Sebastian receives a notice bearing Victor’s family seal, informing him that Victor has put a hit on Calla’s son, Sebastian’s posh and pampered life is turned upside down. Victor swore he wouldn’t harm the boy or his mother, no matter how jealous he is of Sebastian’s love for her. He promised to protect the boy as long as he and Sebastian were together, despite him being the son of Victor’s enemy.
Victor lied.
Now Sebastian must channel his lover’s violent nature and seared conscience to face assassins and the man he is devoted to, in hopes of protecting the child and the woman he never stopped loving.
Can he save Calla and her child? And can they escape the war within the aristocratic crime family to which they both belong?
From Death to a Prince, a tale of love, regret, and shattered trust that will keep you turning pages late into the night!

From Death to a Prince

M. L. Marty

I love you, and I always have, Sebastian whispered. But sometimes love isn’t warm feelings and shared giggles. Sometimes it’s facing certain death to protect someone you love.

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Under Cover of Darkness
"I love you, and I always have,” Sebastian Lewis whispered into the darkness. He glanced around, trying to steel his nerves as fear threatened to overtake him. But sometimes love isn’t warm feelings and shared giggles, he thought to himself. Sometimes it’s sneaking down the long stone corridor of a four-hundred year old London boarding school, facing certain death to protect the young son of someone you love. 
His muscles tensed as the hum of the dim electric lights droned in his ears, one of them flickering as he approached the student wing. He did his best to keep to the shadows; the school would be crawling with hunters at any moment. The hood of his dark blue pullover concealed his almost shoulder length, bleached blonde hair. Doing so sacrificed his peripheral vision, making him jumpy, but he knew his hair was easy to spot in the dark when it caught even the slightest glint of light.
The heavy wooden door was silent as he slipped into the boarding-house that quartered the youngest students. The record player was still spinning, the rhythmic scratching of the needle indicating that the boys had fallen asleep before Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” had finished. Rather than turning it off, as he usually would have, he stood scouring the dark for adversaries. 
A slit of light from the grounds below stretched across the ceiling, catching Sebastian's eye and illuminating the room. He hurried to close the semi-open curtains, then made his way through the darkness to stand beside JJ’s bed. The boy’s breathing was deep and relaxed as he lay curled into a tiny ball under the covers, loosely clutching his plush fox on the pillow beside his head.
Sebastian felt tears pricking at his eyes as he gazed at JJ, who bore a striking resemblance to his father Jacob, Sr.. The man Sebastian hated more than anyone he had ever met. But unlike Jacob, JJ was small and innocent, cheeky and clever. Sebastian’s heart shattered, the shards stabbing at his chest with every breath. He had received a notice only minutes beforehand, bearing his lover, Victor’s seal. The notice informed him that Victor had put a price on JJ’s head, and ordered Sebastian not to interfere when hunters arrived at the school. There was no way he could stand by and allow harm to befall any of his students, much less the son of his childhood sweetheart. 

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