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I study, write and teach British history. My non-fiction books look at the ordinary lives of medieval people, leading me to write my successful series of murder mysteries. They are set in the stinking streets of medieval London and feature the talented yet humble artist, Sebastian Foxley. My Victorian melodrama is "The Death Collector".

My fascinating non-fiction book "A Year in the Life of Medieval England" looks at real events that occurred on everyday of a medieval year and my first biography is about the life and times of Isaac Newton.

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After many years of teaching history to adults several of my courses are also available online at

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Toni Mount

It’s May 1480 in the City of London.

After workmen discover a nun’s body in a newly-opened tomb, talented artist and bookseller Seb Foxley is persuaded to assist in solving the mystery of her death.

Evil is once more abroad in the crowded, grimy streets of medieval London and even in the grandest of royal mansions, where a member of the Duke of Gloucester’s household meets an untimely end. And some wicked rogue is setting fires in the city. No house is safe from the hungry flames.

Will Seb and his loved ones come to grief when a man returns from the dead and Seb has to appear before the Lord Mayor?

Join our hero as he feasts with royalty, struggles to save his business and attempts to unravel this latest medieval murder mystery.

The Colour of Bone

Toni Mount

My goodwife believes I be quite mad to wish to spend time in such a dismal place as this. ‘Who would want to pass time willingly with the remains of our ancestors long dead?’

Book Excerpt or Article

"London was abuzz on this fine afternoon: traders crying their wares, youngsters at play with a barrel-hoop, goodwives chatting and laughing and cattle lowing somewhere nearby. A soft zephyr blew up from the Thames, scented with river salt, fish and the sharp stink of the distant tanneries. Sunlight sparkled on yesterday’s grimy puddles, turning them to silver tissue. Dandelions sprouted in odd corners of Cheapside and Poultry like fresh-minted gold coins, bold as you please. The old elm tree which overhung the church of St Bartholomew the Less, as Thaddeus and I turned up Broad Street, was showing the promise of new leaf at last.
This year, winter had lingered too long and spring came tardily as an unwilling scholar to school but now the land was waking to life once more, God be praised. The warmth of the sun on my back was most welcome and I was reluctant to enter the cold stone church of St Helen."

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