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Red Fury Series

A Woman Leading Men Into War

JF Ridgley

When I discovered a husband could kill his wife but not sell her into slavery. VOWS OF REVENGE was born. This is a Roman Romeo and Juliet love story that confronts this issue. Its short story is her son's story. Birth Of A Bully.
Vesuvius erupted and buried the ancient city of Herculaneum. Thus THREATENED LOYALTIES was born which will take you through its once buried strees, during and after the volcano. Its short story For The Family is about how a the witch in its novel bacame...a witch.
Imagin a woman leading 200,000 men against Rome and almost winning. This and the actual historical character Julius Agricola, gave rise to my Red Fury series.
RED FURY REVOLT Book one is about Boudica challening the might of Rome, and Julius falling in forbidden love withjer daughter Rhianna.Along comes Rhianna's betrothed Calgacus -also historical. and their stories reveal Boudica's revolt (and their love.) Its short story The Chrysalis is Rhianna's sister Morrigan so goes from Romes victim to victor.
RED FURY RAGE Book two is Julius Agricola's fury at being forced to return to Rome. All he now wants to do is return to Britannia and find his son and the man who kidnapped him/Calgacus. Julius will do whatever it takes to return. Its short story A Roman Affair, which is what has been stopping him from returning -mom and her lover.

Book Excerpt or Article

Red Fury REVOLT - book one
The story of Gnaeus Julius Agricola starts here at the revolt of Boudica, queen of the Iceni who led her nation against Rome and Suetonius Paullinus. She wanted them gone. But they stayed. She fascinated me. A woman leading men into war. And I wanted to bring both sides of this story to you. So Julius meets and falls in love with Boudica’s daughter. He was there. She was there. So why not? And Julius did return to Britannia and take the legions all the way to Inverness Scotland –farther than any Roman leader. My question was why? It starts here.

Chrysalis. Rhianna’s sister Morrigan was a victim of Rome’s wrath. But, like a butterfly, Morrigan changed into a warrior who now Rome should fear.

This story does follows the actual historical facts. As for the love story...well, that is mine.
Don’t forget Calgacus and Colin/Gnaeus. They grow up and face realities they aren’t ready for in Caladonia this series too.

Red Fury RAGE - book two
Well, things didn’t go well in Britannia and Julius finds himself back in Rome. And he’s raging mad. His only thought is to find a way back to Britannia. But how? Well, I had to take this young man from a vagrant to a polished senator who’s hope is to return to Britannia with the command of the legion. Can he do it? Of course. I’ll help. But he has lots to go through to get there.
What delighted me here was I got to play with the Paul, Luke, Mary, Timothy and more as they were historically. Now that was fun.

Calgacus realizes who Colin really is. And Colin has to face how different he is from his friends. Can they accept what they must face.

A Roman Affair What is going on while Julius grows up? How did Julius’ mother survive? Or was she manipulated by a lover? (now available in audio too)

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JF Ridgley is an award-winning author of historical Fictions as well as contemporary romance because as her momma said, "times change but people don't." Which is so true. Her first love however is capturing the entrancing world of Ancient Rome. One thing she has learned is that you if you play with Rome, you will confront a Celt. And that is where the fun begins.

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