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Two Hearts and the Fate of Ireland

Shamrock: Patrick and Brigid in Ireland

Bern Callahan

The Roman Province of Britain 402 A.D.

Irish pirates kidnap young Patrick and sell him into slavery.
He falls in love. He flees his master and returns home.
Nothing there is as he remembers. The shame of his past haunts him. Eventually, the Pope sends Patrick back to Ireland on a mission to convert the Celts. Will the chieftains of Eire listen to Patrick or kill him?

Brigid, a druid's daughter, holds her love for Patrick across the years of their separation. She inherits her father's magic but is scorned by the court druids. In exile, along Ireland's cliffs, she waits for Patrick's return.

Will Patrick's and Brigid's passion catch fire?
Will a new day dawn, uniting the old ways with the new religion?
Or...will the fires of magic be doused forever on the Emerald Isle?

Two hearts and the fate of Ireland hang in the balance

Book Excerpt or Article

Book review in The Masthead News, Nova Scotia, March 1, 2022

Saint Patrick: Flawed Hero Who Changed a Nation
by Neil Everton

Two hearts and the fate of a nation hang in the balance, as Patrick, an escaped slave returns to challenge the kill-or-be-killed chieftains of ireland. How does he gain their trust and win the heart of Ireland? And how much does he owe to his red-haired pagan lover?

This is the launchpad for Bern Callahan's rollicking novel, Shamrock, historical fiction about Saint Patrick, a flawed hero who changes a nation.

"Our world needs real heroes, especially spiritual heroes that struggle with life just like us," says Callahan.

"Shamrock features pirates, slave traders, and tribal rivalries. It's set in the fifth century but speaks very much to the issues of today.

"Patrick's struggles mirror our struggles," says Callahan. "Patrick's sense of shame reflects anyone who has let themselves down. He had a hard time. He was forced to ask, "Who am I really in my heart? Where's the best of me going to come from?""

Adds Callahan, "And that's like a lot of us today: how do I deal with the challenges and bring out the best?"

Shamrock is available as an ebook, paperback, or hardcover

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Bern Callahan, a Canadian-American author with Irish grandparents grew up listening to stories and lore about Saint Patrick. As a young man, he was ordained a Catholic priest. Later, he embraced Tibetan Buddhism, training as a meditation teacher and Lama. Callahan's love for religion and his rich education in history and theology spurred his interest in writing Shamrock and applying a fresh vision to this ancient story.

Callahan has written a number of fiction and non-fiction books, including: The Secret Love Letters of St. Paul; Don't Wake Up! It Will Ruin Everything; and Touching the Earth: 21st Century Buddhism.

Bern lives and writes in Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia, where he shares his life with his wife, Margaret

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